Example Website


This is your project overview and development area, please bookmark this page so you can return easily.

Team Members

Gareth 'Gaz' Lawn - For any questions related to the page visuals or overall look of the site.

Matt Wilcox - For any questions regarding the blueprint or page builds for your site.

Ola Kasprzyk - For any questions regarding the CMS of your site.

Amanda 'Mandy' Jones - If you want to talk about new work, or are looking for advice in developing your business further.

Support & Services


All our sites come with three months support from the site live date, after that you will need to take out a support contract with us, other wise you will be charged for any work that the site needs after this period.

Other Services

From newsletters to brochures, branding to marketing, View Creative are an all around award winning design agency and can therefore help you with any of your design and promotional needs.